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College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering (CCME) at Wenzhou University was founded in 2003 through integrating Department of Chemistry of Wenzhou Normal College, which was established in 1958, and the Institute of Applied Technology at Wenzhou University. CCME offers 4 undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering and Technology. It has first-level Master Degree Program in Chemistry as well as Master Degree Programs (MSc.) in Applied Chemistry and Chemistry Teaching Methodology. CCME currently has 110 teaching and administrative staff members, which include 26 professors and 35 associate professors. Many of CCME faculty members have been recognized and selected as talents of different levels, including the “National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation”, national-level talents in the “New Century Talents Projects”, “State Council’s Special Government Allowance Experts”, “Special Experts of Zhejiang Province”, “Thousand scholar project of Zhejiang Province”, “Qianjiang Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang Province”, “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution of Zhejiang Province”, “Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Province”, “‘151’Talents of Zhejiang Province”, “‘Qianjiang Talent Plan’ of Zhejiang Province”, “Young Backbone Teachers of Zhejiang Province”, “Promising Young Teachers of Zhejiang Province”, “Excellent University Teachers of Zhejiang Province”, “‘551’Talent Project of Zhejiang Province” etc. The college has 1 Zhejiang provincial key scientific and technical innovation team (jointly formed with Zhejiang University), 2 Zhejiang province higher education innovation teams, and 1 Wenzhou key scientific and technical innovation team, presenting great impetus of academic troops.

The College boasts a series of scientific innovation and application platforms, featuring Zhejiang Provincial Leather Industrial Technological Innovation Service Platform, Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Leather Engineering, Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Carbon Material Technical Research, Wenzhou Leather Industrial Technical Research Center, Wenzhou New Material Technical Research Center, Wenzhou Pen-making Industrial Technical Research Center etc. It has established such special subject groups of different levels as prioritized subjects of organic chemistry and leather chemicals in Zhejiang, provincial key subjects of organic chemistry (Class A), and provincial key subjects of materials science (Class B) etc; it has started the construction of Zhejiang provincial prioritized subject of first-level chemistry, prioritized subject of chemistry and key subject of material science and engineering at Wenzhou University. The college has set up characteristic specialty of chemistry of institutions of higher education of the Ministry of Education, Zhejiang provincial key specialty of chemistry, and Zhejiang provincial key specialty and Wenzhou key specialty of applied chemistry in the “12th Five-year Plan”. Also, CCME has been included in developing Zhejiang provincial advantageous specialty of chemistry and characteristic specialty of chemical engineering and technology of Wenzhou University. In recent 5 years, CCME has received more than 80 million yuan for developing various teaching programs and conducting world-class research. We have established the Zhejiang Provincial Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The total value of laboratory equipment is over 140 million yuan, and the laboratory space is more than 36,000m2.

The College has achieved significant progress in teaching, research, and talent cultivation, highlighted with the approved funding of 64 national-level projects, which include 1 National Outstanding Youth Funds project, 59 NSFC projects, 3 National Science and Technology Support projects (jointed project with other Institutes) and 1 MOST “863”project (jointed project); the active fund for provincial- and municipal-level scientific research projects has reached 63,063,000 yuan. CCME members have published more than 650 SCI-cited papers, including 4 in JACS, 1 in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., and 77 papers in other world class scientific journals having an impact factor above 5.0. The College has received 65 state-authorized patents, as well as 5 second prizes and 4 third prizes of science and technology of Zhejiang Province. According to the latest data published by ESI in November 2013, CCME has entered top 1% ESI ranking among universities and research institutions worldwide, with the total citation frequency ranking 752nd.

Highlights from undergraduate education include that CCME has been approved by province to set up more than 30 new projects on education and teaching-research related topics, teaching and scientific research projects, and educational reform and teaching material construction projects. Our Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Structural Chemistry have been selected as high-quality courses of Zhejiang Province, the Principles of Chemical Industry is identified as a high-quality course of Wenzhou City. CCME has published 6 textbooks and won 89 awards for the university students’ scientific and technological innovation activity (Zhejiang Province New Talent Plan) and 139 provincial-level and above awards, including the second prize and the silver award of “Progress and Innovation” at the “13th National Challenge Cup University Students Extracurricular Academic Technical Works Competition”, the special award at the “13th Challenge Cup University Students Extracurricular Academic Technical Works Competition of Zhejiang Province”, the second prize at the“12th National Challenge Cup University Students Extracurricular Academic Technical Works Competition”, the special award at the “12th Challenge Cup University Students Extracurricular Academic Technical Works Competition of Zhejiang Province”, the first prize at the “7th Challenge Cup Entrepreneurial Plan Competition of Zhejiang Province”, the third prize at the “8th Challenge Cup Entrepreneurial Plan Competition of Zhejiang Province”, the second prize at the “7th National University Students' Chemical Design Competition”, the second prize at the “7th University Students' Chemical Design Competition of Zhejiang Province”, the special award at the “5th University Students Chemistry Discipline Competition of Zhejiang Province” etc; it has established Zhejiang provincial “Wenzhou University – Zhejiang Heben Pesticide & Chemicals Co., Ltd Postgraduate Educational Innovation Demonstration Base of Green Pesticide Chemical Engineering”, and has jointly set up “Huafeng Class”, “Rubber Class” and other specialized classes together with Huafeng Group and Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of Rubber, with more than 300 postgraduates, 93 doctoral students and 51 students studying overseas in this year and all previous years, and the average initial employment rate of the graduates in five years is more than 85%.