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Huang and Yang's recent work is published in Adv. Mater.

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New Progress in the Non-Pt Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reactions

: Zhi Yang, Xuemei Zhou, Zhiping Jin, Zheng Liu, Huagui Nie, Xi'an Chen, Shaoming Huang
Title: A Facile and General Approach for the Direct Fabrication of 3D, Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array/Transition Metal Oxide Composites as Non-Pt Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reactions
Publication Date (online): Mar 11, 2014
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201305513

: A simple and effective strategy involving nebulized ethanol assisted infiltration for the general synthesis of 3D structure-based vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays (VACNTs) uniformly and deeply decorated with various transition-metal oxide (MOs) has been developed. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the 3D structure-based VACNTs with decorated MnO2 can exhibit superior electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction activity, long-term stability, and an excellent resistance to crossover effects compared to the commercial Pt/C catalyst.