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Dear friends and prospective students,

  Welcome to the College of Chemistry & Material Engineering (CCME) website!  I hope that you will learn more about CCME after navigating through this site.

  CCME is a rapidly growing college at a young university that was established in 2004 by merging the previous Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Normal University. Under the excellent leadership of Professors Shaoming Huang and Yaqian Cheng, CCME has experienced significant developments in the last several years and continues its rapid growth as evidenced by the following facts. The college now has more than 100 full time faculty members and staffs, including winners of National Outstanding Youth Founds and Zhejiang Thousand Scholar Program. Several outstanding young faculty members are being recruited and will take up their positions within in the next couple of years. Notably, most of our young faculty members have oversea study and research experiences. 

  As a young and developing college, we are doing exceptional well in research. In the last 3 years, we have attracted over 30 million RMB research funds, including National Science and Technology, MOST “863”, and NSF projects. Our faculty members and about 300 graduate students as well as some undergraduate students are conducting forefront research in broad areas such as materials science, polymers and chemical engineering. Their outstanding works have led to publications in top scientific journals such as Nature, JACS, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., AIChE J., etc. According to essential science indicators released in Nov. 2013, our chemistry program is ranked top 1% among the global university and institute counterparts.

  We offer four undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Material Science and Chemical Engineering, and a Master program in Chemistry. We now have about 800 undergraduate students and 300 graduate student. Above 40% of our graduate students have the opportunity to continue their study for higher degrees.  Our alumni have gotten successful careers as engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc.

  We are now offering international programs at both bachelor and master levels, as an important part of our endeavors towards further development. The undergraduate programs are designed for prospective student who are interested in learning Chinese cultures and pursuing a decent chemical background for future careers in their home country as well as in China, especially, in Zhejiang Province, where chemical and pharmaceutical industrials account for a major economic pillar. Courses will be delivered in both Chinese and English. Those who have showed interests and potentials in academic research will be directly transferred to the graduate program. Our international Master program is mainly focused on research.  We provide every candidate a full scholarship that is sufficient to cover the tuitions and daily expenses.  The first batch of international students are expected to join us in the Fall, 2015. We are looking forward to welcoming new students with various culture backgrounds.